History of creation

My name is Ksenija Grushytskaja. I am the proprietress of nursery colled "El-Fayum", which is located in Ukraine, in a capital suburb. A nursery exists from 2005 and is registered in The International Cynologists Federation FCI and Cynologists Union of Ukraine under a number 314/05.

I engage in dog-breeding since 1987 and my first dog was for allmoust everybody’s favourite east - european sheep dog. She lived well 9 years, successfully formed my further attitude toward the doggy world on the whole. In a subsequent period of time I had gladness of socializing with different breeds. These dogs mostly played role of domestic favourites and, when I in 2003 purchased my first tervuren, situation with this breed in our country, purchased experience and practice, at last urged on me to the decision to engage in a dog-breeder at professional level. So, in 2005 the nursery of " El-Fajum " was registered in FCI and UKU.

Today I engage in the professional breeding of dogs of such breeds as tervueren and pug.

Foremother of tervueren is in a nursery a wonderful pedigree pair Leon and Wheita, filling up the rows of the Belgian sheep dogs of Ukraine high-quality posterity. For today the nursery of "EL-Fayum" is presented by the dogs of high class from the leading European producers, breedings of the deeply respected and wonderful woman Irina Nasarkina, vice-president of National Club of Breed of Russia, there are dogs Irma and Eis.

The pugs appeared in the nursery " El-Fayum " not by chance, but thanks to a temperament, character and attitude of toward life remarkable puggie Ozzie, which hostess is Nelja Barvinskaja (instructor-trainer, successfully preparing 9 dogs for IPO), is a teacher and educator of my Belgian sheep dogs. Love to the pugs and desire to improve a pedigree population in Ukraine droved me to the well-known in the world Moscow nursery "Monpasje". Two girls, Pljushka and Sdobochka, were trusted to me by Elena Drosdovskaja, for what I am expressing to her sincere gratitude and low bow for her enormous trouble on heavy business of breeding.

Puppies of nursery of "El-Fayum" are coming into the world from the clearly carefully thought out and correctly planned binding and are the deserving descendants of the high-pedigree parents. And finding the house in Your family they will try to bring to you a maximum of positive emotions and fully to justify Your trust to the factory-owner, in fact, as is generally known, Your surroundings create Your mood, Your world view and sometimes even forms Your fate.


Regards, Ksenija Grushytskaja

The judge, dog handler, breeder and owner of the kennel "El Fayum"

Head of breed "Belgian Shepherd" in the Dnipro Kiev TO KSU